Some Reading and Writing

Being sick these last few days has left me lying in bed watching movies, youtube, playing some COD, and today, going down memory lane. I used to write in a different blog regularly, just about daily. And this was back when I was fresh from my cancer diagnosis (well, within 2 years of it. That’s still fresh) when the girls were little and I had a lot to say. They provided me with many stories and kept me on my toes at all times. It was interesting to go back and read what their personalities were like back then and see how some of those traits continued into present day.

So much was going on back then, that I can’t believe I even found time to type out my thoughts. But I did. And a lot of them. Besides the girls. my writing was focused on my health, not surprisingly. Sometimes a trip down memory lane is more like a ride on a rollercoaster. The bumpy tracks, the steep climb up high, the drop to the bottom leaving your heart in your throat. So yes, I stand corrected. It wasn’t memory lane, it was a memory rollercoaster. Somehow I managed to stay on the tracks even at times when it felt like I was sliding off. And there were many times.

But not all writings were medically dramatic. There were a lot of posts and pictures I saw that made me laugh out loud. And those were fun to read. I am so happy that I kept a blog at that time in my life. It’s been such a great way to look back and reflect on things. One of the biggest changes in my life is how I view my cancer. Back then I was certain that I wouldn’t go a day without ruminating on it. And as time has passed, I am pleasantly surprised that I was wrong. My cancer was a blip in my life that was scary. It was something I never thought I would mentally get past. But here I am. I don’t think about my cancer every day. But from time to time there are reminders. Maybe to keep me humble, to remind me of what I am capable of.

As some of you are aware, my mom was recently diagnosed with colon cancer (see previous post for more details). People have asked me how she is doing but there’s not much to say. She is to have surgery on December 29th. Until then, we wait. Cancer has hit my family hard. Me, then my dad, and now my mom. All of us fighters in our separate ways. Yes, life is a rollercoaster.

So, if you’re interested in seeing what my life was like about 16 years ago, that blog still exists. You kind of have to work your way back to get to the beginning of it. But fair warning, I am queen of TMI and you may read some things that are a touch oh….graphic. On the flip side, you may also find some posts that tickle your funny bone (one in particular involving a bat in the house…poor Dion). It’s been an interesting day of reading and I have only gotten halfway through that old blog.